Allied Arts

Visual Arts

Ms. Clements works with all grades at Lyndon Town School, students learn many skills from pencil drawings to pottery work.  Students also learn about art history, famous artists from the past, and current artistic movements.  For more information about art at LTS visit the Art Room Blog 

Technology and Design

All LTS students are taught computer skills, ents, but Technology and Design classes learn much more than basic use. Mrs. Hazard teaches students in grades K - 8 how to use computers safely and effectively as they develop skills in many different programs.

For more information about Mrs. Hazard's classes check out her website:  Computer Buddy

Physical Education

Mr. Hale and
 Mrs. Paquette work with grade K - 8 at Lyndon Town School teaching all students coordination, team sports, collaboration, sportsmanship, and the importance of staying active throughout life.  To see more information about their classes check out their website:

Music & Band

Ms. Schillemat joins us this year as our Music and Band instructor.  She has a lot of experience with Chorus which has students and faculty alike excited.  There is also talk of her working with our Drama Instructor, Mrs. Parker, on some musicals... Stay TUNED!!  If you'd like to learn more about Ms. Schillemat and her classes check out 


The Spanish Program at LTS is unique in that it spans all grade levels. Lucia Johnson joins us to expand our students' cultural diversity. 

Family Consumer Science

Everyone should be concerned about their health and wellness, and early development of healthy habits and lifestyles is important for all students. Maureen Chapman will work with middle school students examining the important variables in their health and wellness to guide them in making healthy decisions now and in the future. In addition, through the Prosper Program and with the help of the UVM Extension Service, many emotional and social wellness topics are discussed in our middle school classes.