In the Middle School students have the opportunity to take a number of electives throughout their 3 years.  Each year these electives look a little different depending on the skills of the teachers and the interests of the students.  This year a few of the electives are:  Spanish I, Stage Band, Chorus, Student Council and Guided Study.

Spanish I is taught by our very own Mrs. D'Olimpio who also works with all grades K-8.  She takes 8th grade students who wish to learn Spanish skills all year long during their WIN time.  

Stage Band is taught during WIN to students seeking to engage their instrumental abilities.

Chorus is new again to LTS and is being organized by our new Music teacher, Ms. Schillemat.

Mr. Courser works with elected student representatives in the Student Council to help the student body in middle school to be heard in their ideas of change or positive growth for their communities.  

Guided Study is organized by all the middle school teachers to give students the opportunity for time in their school day to work on their academic studies in a manner that also helps them learn the all important skills of studying and being organized in their learning.