Literacy and Math Intervention

Literacy Intervention

At LTS we strive to provide a balanced literacy approach where motivation and choice play key roles in reading.  Strong and capable readers are those who read widely and diversely in a wide variety of genres.

In the quest to build capable readers, promoting independent, self-selected reading remains key for us. Creating motivated, lifelong readers doesn’t just happen, it takes a school-wide culture to help reach that goal.

We strive to partner with families to ensure that students grow in their enjoyment of reading and that they want to read more. We know that reading builds vocabulary, fluency, and background knowledge, so let’s do our part together to promote and encourage independent reading across our schools and communities.

Math Intervention

Lyndon Town School has specialists to support the needs of our students and our teachers by
  • supporting efforts to enable all students to succeed in mathematics(assisting teams with collecting and analyzing data and co-planning instruction and intervention to address student needs)
  • providing intensive, supplemental instruction to small groups of students in need of support or extension


 Ways That We Can Promote Independent Reading:

1. Set aside time for independent reading both in school and at home. 

2. Create Literacy-Rich Environments in every K-12 Classroom. 

3Support High-Quality Classroom Libraries

4. Encourage Reading Aloud to our kids both in school and at home.

5. Be readers ourselves as adults.

6. Invite Guest Readers into Classrooms. 

7. Encourage Students to Read Widely. 

8. Host Book Clubs for Students and Parents. 

9Provide Opportunities for Summer Reading. 

10. Read what Students are Reading. 

11. Talk with students about what they and you are reading.