Middle Grades

Lyndon Town Middle School students are taught by a very talented group of educators. They have come together in a concentrated effort to create an environment of Student Choice and Student Voice.  

This year, all 6th - 8th grade students participate in weekly "Town Meetings" to celebrate achievements within their community and to strengthen their community team.  

ADVISORY provides a year-long connection for each middle school student to work with a cooperating teacher to build their Personal Learning Plans (PLP).

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Lynzy Guyer - Humanities

Jennifer Littlefield - Math

Tyler Willis - Humanities

7th Grade Team

Alex Kogon - Math

Gwen Stahl - Science

George DeNagy - Science

Tammi Parker - Humanities

Jen Reeve - Humanities

Lara White - Math

The LTS Middle School Counselor is Mollie Falk.  Ms. Falk spends time helping all students develop Life Skills and learn about Making Good Choices. She is also there to support them through difficulties they may face in and out of school.