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Tara Prue can be contacted at Lyndon Town School by dialing the direct line, 802-626-3209

"Immunizations are the single most important way to protect against serious and sometimes deadly diseases. Many of the diseases that vaccines prevent can’t be easily treated or cured, and some are especially dangerous for infants and young children. Even one infected person can cause an outbreak of diseases like measles and chickenpox.

School Entry Immunization Rules set minimum immunization requirements for attendance at public or independent kindergartens, elementary, secondary and post-secondary schools, to protect students, staff, and visitors against vaccine-preventable diseases within schools."

For LTS Immunization Rates:  LTS Immunization Rates  

For more information about Immunization Surveillance and School Data from the Vermont Department of Health:



Many children are being diagnosed with food allergies, many LTS students are living with food allergies and we need to make their learning environments as safe for them as possible.  One of the ways that we can all help our community of learners is to try and send snacks that are safe for all students.  Check out the list below.

LTS Safe Snack List 2017.docx

Concussions are a very unfortunate reality to athletes, all of the athletes who participate in LTS sports are asked to complete an awareness form with their parents prior to the start of the season's games.  Please look at the following website for more information.

For resources and help talking with kids about the use of Tobacco Products check out the Counter Balance Website:

Today more than ever children and teens are exposed to the oppor- tunities to experiment with substances and alcohol.  For help in talking with your children or in working through an existing problem, connect to  PARENT UP VERMONT with this link.