Lyndon Town School uses Responsive Classroom (RC) and Developmental Designs (DD) (links can be found on the Parent Resources Page of this website) as the foundations for developing relationships with students based on trust, respect, and accountability.  These systems help teachers to be consistent in their approach to all students and for all students to feel the consistency between teachers and classroom environments.  

In addition to RC and DD LTS uses Positive Behavioral Interventions & Approach (PBIS) as a philosophy of positive interventions when reinforcing expected behaviors with students.  Students receive a tangible reward when they are seen acting in a manner consistent with the expectations of our learning environments, those rewards are then placed in a collection spot within each classroom that will go toward a collective celebration within the classroom for all students.  When the classroom collection spot is filled that is then sent to the school wide collection spot where all classrooms contribute for a school wide celebration.  

For more information about PBIS visit their website:  https://www.pbis.org

For additional resources on PBIS to work through specific behaviors try this site:  http://www.pbisworld.com