TylerSIS - Parent Log-In

"School districts must work harder than ever to manage the needs of their constituents — students, parents, teachers, and taxpayers, not to mention local and statewide governing bodies and agencies. Now, more than ever, it's critical that schools function well as a cohesive system — from the classroom and the business office to the transportation department and the superintendent's office.

Tyler School Solutions empower K-12 schools to bridge the silos of information between their departments with integrated school district management software."

CNSU has moved in a direction to consolidate the needed information of students, families, teachers, and staff.  As of this year TylerSIS will be the online platform that is used to help consolidate this information.  As the year moves on there will be parent and student access points to review information and contact teachers at the schools.

For more information visit the TylerSIS website:  TylerSIS